May 26

If someone out there, by some freak accident, is trying to create a legit account, please let me know at register[at]lithiumproductions[dot]com and I’ll activate it. I’m treating all new accounts as spam – seeing as this place has been dormant for years now 😛 Don’t really expect any real people to show up just yet!

May 18

Well, haven’t touched this place in quite a long time, had to clear out like 1500 spam accounts and countless messages left, but nothing a little delete all can’t take care of! So, starting off fresh and going to try once again to get things going again 🙂

Feb 2

Wow, haven’t done much with this place, have I? Let’s see, the since the last time I posted here I’ve gotten married and had a kid! My how things change in the matter of a few years. Speaking of change, much like my last post, things are changing around here, and for the better! As you can see, this place has a new look, and I’m about to be moving to a new host. With every move, comes lots of change, and some big change is coming in the ways of ToC. The last post I have says I just set that up, but now that’s going away and I’m making a whole new board that won’t be based on my books at all anymore. It’s called no more heroes, and is located at All the same people and RPing that have been going on at my old board will be there, so have no fear! Just changing the focus in the hopes that we can get the place to grow once and for all.

I’ve got a lot of work to do, as well as a one month old baby to care for, so I’ll update more when I’m done getting everything setup!

Aug 31

Well, I should have posted this back when I did it, but alas, real life is kicking my butt. I’m stressed out beyond belief and it seems like even my own body has started to fail me as of late. None the less, I must press on! The on going problems with Realm of Chaos were too much for me to spend a lot of time on, so I made a big decision – end RoC once and for all, and move on. The place has been reborn into Tales of Caltonia. This change will help me focus more on where my book is actually heading overall. The new board is great, a lot of new updates, and everything appears to be working at 100%! I’ve closed up and Elysium – not enough time right now for Delet3d and Elysium just never worked out, so that will be gone forever.

With all that aside, come on over to Tales of Caltonia! You can reach it at or

Feb 17

Lithium Productions has been reborn yet again.  Moved over to a new host now, have a lot more options to finally make this place what I wanted it to be all along.  Check back here for updates to all my sites, and sites yet to come.  I’ll also leave random thoughts, so if you like that kind of stuff, check back often.

See you around!