May 25

Yea, this would have been up earlier, but as you know, I’m a bit under the weather; no excuse for a true Star Wars fan, but kiss it :p

30 years ago, to the day, Star Wars was released, greatest movie franchise ever created in history. So I’d like to take this time to remember back at all the good, and yes some bad memories, of the moves. So thanks George for sharing this wonderful story with us all 😀

Oh, and one benefit of being sick, I got to stay home all day and watch all the movies, only good thing about having walking pneumonia; sick enough not to go to work, but well enough to watch plenty of movies!

May 19

I have recently been contacted by Rick Trimm of Lithium Productions that is producing Hogzilla, they weren’t aware of this site at the time and have asked me for permission to continue the use of the name Lithium Productions. I want to thank them again for their kindness in contacting me, and have given them my blessing to continue using the name. I have asked for contact information to add to my site to help redirect traffic their way. So those looking for that information, hopefully I will have it up and posted soon.


May 15
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Well…apparently some group calling themselves ‘Lithium Productions’ is creating a movie called ‘Hogzilla’. To all those people visiting, this site – Lithium Productions, nor it’s owner, have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this movie, the creators, or anything remotely related to this ‘movie’. Just a little FYI to those who have contacted me.

HOWEVER! I am currently writing some books, so if there are any nice publishers/agents out there, feel free to contact me for something that will make a more interesting movie than this ‘Hogzilla’. You can contact me at the following email address – “epic at lithiumproductions dot com”

Thanks for stopping by!