Feb 23
Picture of the Week
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I promise I’m going to post more on here other than just pictures of the week 😛 Just got a kid taking up all my time, I’ve built up some meaningful posts in the old head of mine I’m going to get out at some point, as well as some website related updates I’ve been meaning to get on here after the big change I just went through.

ANY WAY! Here is the pic – it’s the end of the rainbow and guess what?! NO GOLD FOR YOU!!!!!

Feb 17
Picture of the Week
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Well, another week, another picture 😛 Sorry I didn’t get this posted yesterday, but it was a holiday and I have a kid to take care of! Thought I’d go cute this week with a little puppy from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden, I’m not one for the dog shows as I think the whole idea behind the show is rather stupid, but I love dogs, so here ya go!

Feb 9
Picture of the Week
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Well, I guess with the new place and all behind me, hopefully the last, I guess I can attempt to try to start this up again! Found it funny that everyone was making a big deal about all the ‘hacking’ going on with these street signs. A quick search of the internet will give you specific instructions on what you need to do to pull this off, the hardest part at times would be getting off the pad lock used to lock where the computer was located. I just find it extra funny that the road workers who use the machine were even more confused on how to fix the issue 😛


Feb 2

Wow, haven’t done much with this place, have I? Let’s see, the since the last time I posted here I’ve gotten married and had a kid! My how things change in the matter of a few years. Speaking of change, much like my last post, things are changing around here, and for the better! As you can see, this place has a new look, and I’m about to be moving to a new host. With every move, comes lots of change, and some big change is coming in the ways of ToC. The last post I have says I just set that up, but now that’s going away and I’m making a whole new board that won’t be based on my books at all anymore. It’s called no more heroes, and is located at http://www.nmheroes.com. All the same people and RPing that have been going on at my old board will be there, so have no fear! Just changing the focus in the hopes that we can get the place to grow once and for all.

I’ve got a lot of work to do, as well as a one month old baby to care for, so I’ll update more when I’m done getting everything setup!