May 15
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Well…apparently some group calling themselves ‘Lithium Productions’ is creating a movie called ‘Hogzilla’. To all those people visiting, this site – Lithium Productions, nor it’s owner, have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this movie, the creators, or anything remotely related to this ‘movie’. Just a little FYI to those who have contacted me.

HOWEVER! I am currently writing some books, so if there are any nice publishers/agents out there, feel free to contact me for something that will make a more interesting movie than this ‘Hogzilla’. You can contact me at the following email address – “epic at lithiumproductions dot com”

Thanks for stopping by!

Mar 9
Picture of the Week
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Sorry for lack of any types of updates this week, but work has been horrible, on top of this wonderful cold/flu thing I have going. That and I’m mad I’ll be missing the DragonForce concert this weekend, but oh well! Look at some cute pandas!!


Mar 2

DragonForce: Inhuman Rampage

Another new feature, with along with the Picture of the Week(POW) will be Album of the Month(AOM)! Just a random pick of an album I enjoy, and highly recommend you listen to at least until next month. I was torn as to just which album to pick to start this off with, since I’ve been listening to a lot of the newer metal bands that have been getting rather popular as of late, but I thought I start with this. I won’t offer much of a review, cause I’m not good at that, but I highly recommend this and all of DragonForce’s albums. I’m big into guitars and all things ‘speed metal’, while this may be light when it comes to metal terms, as it’s not as dark as other bands, it’s a refreshing change, and you will find very few bands that can come close to the great guitar play these guys have to offer. Check them out over at their offical site: DragonForce

Mar 2
Picture of the Week
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This week’s picture, I thought I’d go to a more distance place, probably my favorite planet, Saturn!


Mar 2

Well, I got it open, yes, but having some major problems with the board, just little stuff here and there, but I finally have a test board up, so I’ll try and get everything at 100% here this weekend!

Feb 24

Everyone head on over to: to sign up for the new and improved RoC! The old place will be up for archive purposes for a while, then I’ll close it up and it’ll be gone forever! Hope everyone enjoys the new place, if you have any problems, let me know!

Feb 23
Picture of the Week
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New feature I thought I’d add, from a personal blog side of things here, is a picture of the week. Just random interesting pictures I find out on the internet, I’ll do my best to post one each week. Here is the one for this week, straight from China!

A resident crosses a bridge shrouded with fog at a park in Beijing

Feb 22
Elysium Update
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Finally got the boards up and working, don’t mind the dust, just got the bare bones up and working, more to come soon!

Feb 19

Got the blog up and started for Elysium, still have some things to do to it, so it’s far from done. I’m getting ready to get the forum up next for it, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

Feb 18

Update on the rebuilding of Realm of Chaos – new board up and working, upgraded to vB 3.6.4 to take advantage of much needed security features, especially with my history. The site is currently closed and registration closed till I get all the needed hacks and sections added, then everyone can feel free to join! Until then, the old place will be open and operational. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get everything up and going.

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